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Why an All-Girls School?

As a Yale graduate and co-founder of G.O. B.I.G., Dr. Crystal Pemberton Howe's educational journey was not easy. Growing up in the South Bronx, New York, she faced many of the challenges that come from living in an underserved, high-needs community. Her parents constantly worried not just about the quality of education that she received but also her physical safety. It was not until she had the opportunity to attend Westover, an all-girls boarding high school in Middlebury, Connecticut, that her parents finally felt peace knowing that she was receiving an excellent education in a safe place.

Dr. Crystal Pemberton Howe Co-founder GO BIG Photo

"Why should parents have to wait until high school to try to receive such an opportunity for their children? Why not all children, and why not now? At G.O. B.I.G., we want to make this awesome educational experience possible early on. Our parents will rest easy knowing that their scholars are being well-educated in a safe and secure environment."

Dr. Crystal Pemberton Howe, Ed.D, Co-Founder & President

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